Jump Manual Free Workout Program – Jump Higher in 45 Minutes

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Being able to jump high is a skill that gives athletes an advantage. Michael Jordan used it to score over his opponents on the way to NBA MVP and championship titles.

The issue with trying to get better at something is figuring out the right way to do it. The right way gets better results faster, the wrong way may get you there but it may take longer, or not at all.

Choosing which jump program to get was a tough one for me because of the many that are available. What got me to try out the Jump Manual was the free workout program workbook.


What was the Difference?

After going through different workouts and methods that didn’t get the results that were good, it was difficult to believe what any program would promise.

The one thing that convinced me was the ability to test things out for myself.

After all, if you are able to try a part of it and it produces results, then chances are it should continue to do so.

The Jump Manual free workbook offered a peek into the Jump Manual including some tips, free mini-workout and things that I could try out. This helped me figure out if the type of training included was a fit for me and also if what the author was saying actually worked or was it just another scam.

Jump Manual Free Workbook: Add 2 to 5 Inches to Your Jump Fast

Jump Manual Free How_To_Jump Higher 1The free manual is a download PDF ebook that’s available online. Just go down to the bottom of the page and click on the button to get the ebook.

Once you have it, give it a good read and try the different exercises and other drills that are listed there. This gets you a quick start into how the mind of the author works.

Done properly, you can expect to add a few inches to your jump just by following the exercises and things to do.

In this free vertical jump manual workout book, Jacob Hiller shares a few quick fixes that add inches to your jump in 45 minutes.

  • How your shoes affect how high you jump
  • Pre-workout and post workout tips that will help your muscles
  • Which warm-up exercises to use and what type of warm ups work and don’t work
  • Stretching exercises that help with jumping
  • How to get more energy and power for your jump

This is a good start and it will help you increase your vertical leap quickly.

The fast gains from the free workbook is what made me change my mind and convinced me to get the full Jump Manual.

I knew that I if I wanted to go further and get more gains, I had no choice.

Jump Manual Program: More Detailed Workouts

The complete Jump Manual goes further and gives in depth complete workouts and training. It covers different topics all about the art of jumping higher.

Included in it are:

  • Essential factors needed for explosive jumping ability
  • Things needed for improving vertical jump
  • Warm Up Exercises
  • Pre-Workout Session
  • Main Workout
  • Post Workout Session
  • Importance of nutrition and recovery

The Workout Chart and Exercises

What helped me the most was the workout chart that contained the schedule of exercises and workouts. It listed everything that was to be done each day.

In total, the workout charts listed a 2 week schedule. This 2 week cycles would be repeated a few times through the entire program, which each cycle become more difficult.

In the two week workout chart, different exercises are included, these covered:

  • stretching
  • strength training exercises
  • explosive movements
  • plyometric exercises
  • core training
  • speed workouts

There were special equipment needed, and you could use weights (recommended) or an alternative if you don’t have access to weights.

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Last Thoughts

Using the contents, tips and exercises in this free manual helps increase the vertical jump by a few inches fast. It helps improve your jumping ability by changing some of the things that you already do.

But, if you are serious about jumping higher or being able to dunk, you’ll probably need to take the next step and buy the Jump Manual.

I debated over this when I was thinking of buying it, but considering the time I spent getting nowhere with products and programs that didn’t work, I knew I needed to make a change. In the end, I can say that getting the complete Jump Manual program saved me the time and work to get results.