Best Vertical Jump Program: Workouts and Exercises to Jump Higher

The best vertical jump program produces results. It’s that simple. Whether you’re a low jumper with a vertical of under 20” or someone that’s already jumping over 30” high, it gives good gains.

When I was looking for a jump training program to use, I went through the different details of each, even making a spreadsheet to compare their features, length of training and compiling results from people who have used it.

One thing I did notice when going through the different training programs was there were a lot of useless ones. There were also a lot of expensive and ineffective jump training equipment.

Of all the different programs available the top 2 jump training programs in the end were these two:


Our 2 Best Vertical Jump Training Program Picks

The #1 Pick – The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller


Key Features:

  • All-around training (pre- and post-workout, lifting, jumping, nutrition and science)
  • Includes stretching, and weight lifting (a non-weight lifting alternative is also included)
  • Has been done by many over the years with gains of over 10” in their vertical
  • Includes easy to follow workout schedule charts and videos
  • They will analyze your jumping form and exercise form for you when you start


Review Overview:

Jump-ManualI like this program because it has been around for a while now and is time tested. Developed by athletic trainer Jacob Hiller, the program uses a combination of different training techniques to build up your vertical.

What I like most about this program is that it isn’t solely focused on one type training but develops different aspects to get a well-rounded results.

It isn’t solely focused on your leaping ability but also to make you more athletic. To do this it incorporates stretching and strength training to make you a better all-around athlete and basketball player.

The program has been able to produce gains of 9 inches and more depending on how long you’ve used it. You can use it for a short period like when we tested here in our review or do it for a longer period of over 6 months where you can get double digit gains in your vertical jump.

The program breaks down the different aspects of jumping including technique and form, workouts of different types of exercises including weights and non-weight lifting methods as well as nutrition and stretching.

Read our full review for a more detailed look at the Jump Manual.


Choose this if:

  • You want to improve you jumping ability and explosiveness
  • You can commit to following the workouts
  • You want to learn how to eat properly to gain muscle and strength
  • Want to get strong overall along with getting to jump higher

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The #2 Pick – Vert Shock by Adam Folker


Key Features:

  • No weight lifting needed
  • Uses advanced plyometric exercises
  • Shorter workout sessions and shorter program (8 weeks)
  • Developed by professional basketball players


Review Overview:

Vert ShockMy next pick is Adam Folker’s Vert Shock. This is a newer release by Folker himself and his partner Justin Darlington who happens to have a vertical leap of over 50 inches. In the manual, they share techniques that got them jumping high.

Vert Shock is unique in that it does not use weight lifting in its training program. Instead it uses advanced plyometrics to get the job done.

What this means is that you don’t need to buy equipment or get a gym membership to use it. It also fits those who are still growing and don’t want to use heavy weights that may risk limiting growth potential.

I used this program and made good gains despite being not the most athletic guy around. You can read my in-depth review here. With the program, users see gains of 9 to 16 inches in their jump height.

Overall, the Vert Shock system is shorter and also lets you spend less time in the gym during the sessions. If you have a very busy schedule for school or work this will be a good options since it is less time consuming.

Because it uses plyometrics, understanding the proper form and doing the exercises correctly is important since gravity and impact are at play. So watching the step by step videos is very important.

Read our full Vert Shock review for comprehensive details.


Choose this jump program if:

  • You are still growing or don’t want to use weights
  • Can’t commit to more than 8 weeks to do the regular workouts
  • Don’t want a training program that makes you do a ton of jumping
  • Want something developed by actual ball players
  • Your main focus is jumping and strength training is less of a priority (though there is a bonus upper body workout manual included in the package for this purpose)

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Choosing the Best Vertical Jump Program for You

When it comes to choosing which vertical jump workouts and exercises to get, figuring out what types of training the program uses and if you have access to equipment or are able to do the exercises is important.

You also want something that lets has shown proven results.

Know how long the program lasts and what type of schedule is needed. If you’re busy a shorter, less time consuming one like Vert Shock will work better.


Vertical Jump Training Summary

If dunking were easy, everyone would know how to dunk, but it isn’t. Vertical jump training always involves effort and commitment on your end. It takes weeks to months so being disciplined and motivated is important.

Of the many workout programs available, the Jump Manual and Vert Shock System are the top 2 picks because they get results.